At the project development stage, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (MoESD) or the private developer (initiative proposal) starts with the project preparation stage that entails the preparation of a Feasibility Study (FS). The FS should include information on project costs, expected social and economic results, authorized body’s access to financing project implementation, in case the state is co-financing the project with the private developer and social and environmental impact of the project, including mitigation measures to address any negative impact. If, as a result of the FS, the MoESD decides on to proceed with the project development it assesses the most preferable method- Public Private Partnership (PPP) or the public procurement, for implementing the project. The Government of Georgia (GoG) makes a decision on the approval of the proposed project based on the submitted FS, supportive studies, project-related documents and conclusion of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (MoF) on the project. Once the project is approved by the GoG the MoESD starts the selection process. In the case of an initiative proposal, the MoESD decides which method to apply. MoESD may start direct negotiation with the developer or invite the developer to participate in the selection process. The selection process is based on the assessment of qualifications against the set qualification criteria and terms and conditions of the submitted proposal. The GoG along with the Selection Commission makes the decision on the best proposal. After the process, the terms of an agreement are negotiated and agreement on concession is concluded. In this phase, the project developer should apply the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA) for Environmental Decision in case the Proposed Project is subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). ...See More